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Posted: 03/26/2012 11:14
( a ) the price and quality:Buy<strong><a href=" dre headphone</a></strong​> expensive and not expensive, although for rich and poor people standards are not the same, but there is still a potential measure, for everyone with most practical, with mid-range MP3 headphones, I think 50 to around 120 of the ear but not much.

If your quality, even better, it also does not talk to go up absolutely cost-effective. Actually we know, the price of 50 to 120 this grades of the <strong><a href=" Ceramica Men</a></strong>, sound is generally good, two hundred or three hundred ear than the grade of the earphone sound quality improving more limited. So I recommend to the price of the ear, of course, less than 40 dollars of goods that stall not recommended to buy, use the earplugs songs not to enjoy, but!

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( two) durabilityI think this is the most important. I spent a few years in the MP3, ear plugs do not know for how many, I hate most is earplug <strong><a href=" Ceramica women</a></strong>​problem, basically is no way to repair bad, but also for new, for us this poor year for earplugs also is not a small expenditure.So how to choose the durable earphone?

The rookie is a little trouble, because is not resistant and durable and the price is not necessarily related, your <strong><a href=" Classic mens watches</a></strong&g​t;too easily broken! Can't see the price, we can only see the headset technology and workmanship!I lost to the washing machine to wash a have the slightest noise earplugs, is happy flavour, online shopping is not the 70 seas, the earphone sound quality is worthy of its price, and stronger, manufacturers promise is two years Baohuan, now I use the earphone and I had a broken sea ear plugs for chart, how to choose and durable.

See the earplug node is not strong, have a look first plug portion, I have at hand the two <strong><a href=" Classic watch women</a></strong>, a bend, a straight head, ear when you choose, recommend you try to choose elbow. From the physical point of view, we look at the picture below:When the plug stress, bend more easily filtered out a part of stress, protective plug. And from personal habits, elbow is also quite good, see below

Article source :<a href="; What you should pay attention to when you choose earphone?</a>
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