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WellnessWeb is a social network that is different from most social networks. It's a framework to foster learning about and pursuing wellness at five levels: individual, family, community, worksite and global. WellnessWeb will be filled with information, ideas and support for wellness-oriented projects to help you achieve your wellness goals. We encourage you to :
  • invite your friends, family and co-workers to join you in your wellness pursuits.
  • create your own wellness-focused events or attend events created by others.
  • find other individuals, groups or organizations with similar motives and goals.
  • work with our information to create a worksite wellness program with your co-workers.

Wondering what we mean by wellness? Read about wellness at each level: individual, family, community, worksite, global.

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Diabetic Foot Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Care and Diabetes Foots Treatment....
Tips for yourself or loved ones coping with an addiction or trying to help an addict....
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Learn about addiction, dependence, withdrawal, and recovery from drug and alcohol abuse....
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A blog to point out the causes of obesity, including one of the most severe, depression....
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Learn how to take care of diabetes....
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According to a recent study, good deeds can actually lead to better health. Let's share our good deed stories here & hopefully spread the feelings....
Author: josee
This group is for the love of massage! Let's share our favorite types of massages - is it deep tissue? reiki? or maybe ashiatsu? Lets share recommendations for great massage therapists too.

NOTE: ...
Author: Don Ardell
My group is focused on achieving REAL wellness. The modifier REAL is intended to convey a deliberate mindset or philosophy inspired by reason, exuberance and liberty. The purpose of wellness is to ach...
Author: josee
Let's help the earth by going green! Even if you cannot completely "go green", let's make efforts to help the planet. Here you will find ideas on how to go green. Join me as I start my ef...
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